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Performing Live at Flea Market Pary @ Matter

  • Seoul, 137-040 South Korea (map)

I will be performing live music at Matter in Banpo-dong, Seoul.

Come listen to change the shape and texture of your consciousness and feel a little weird - but weird in that good way, where you feel that you do not understand the absurdity of what is happening, but you find that there is no need to understand it and the removal of rationality leaves you feeling like a butterfly dancing in an ecstatic epileptic fit heart-tickling Woooooah

There will be a creative flea market at Matter at 4pm, my performance around 9, and then DJs and dance into the night. FREE admission.

You may hear a free sample of my music here.


From Express Bus Terminal, Exit 3 (about 11 mins / 720m):

  1. Walk straight out of Exit 3, and cross over the foot bridge on your right.
  2. After crossing the bridge and descending the stairs, turn right.  
  3. Continue straight, and then turn right at the next street, Gomurae-ro (if you've reached the large intersection, you've gone too far). 
  4. Walk straight, and turn right immediately after Baskin Robbins. 
  5. Matter will be on your right.