Ben’s music sounds like what would happen if a monk left the monastery and his mind behind, fled to the woods, stripped his clothes, rolled in the mud, and sang from that space inside of ourselves where thousands of hidden, wrinkled people dwell.
— Neil Reli, Tri Magazine


We use the intellect to make sense of the world. This is useful, but if we get stuck in one mode of perception, it becomes a prison. We can’t escape our own thoughts and fears, we can’t grow, we can’t access creativity. In my music, I like to create an experience that takes me outside of logic and helps me to perceive life in a new way. When the mind encounters confusion and novelty, thought can be temporarily suspended and we can experience life differently. It can help us feel freer and be more open to joy. For me, humor, music, and absurdity are helpful tools to initiate this experience.
— Ben Jon Miller
Annoyance. Pure annoyance.
— Derek, audience member