2010, BFA, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee WI
2009, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw Poland

Solo Exhibitions

2019.05 Holy Warts, The Trailer Gallery, Austin TX USA
2018.04 The Sound in a Stone, Boy Toy Championships, Los Angeles CA USA
2017.04 Amorphous, The Enclave, London UK

Group Exhibitions

2018.12 Soul Sole Twin Limb, Gluon Gallery, Milwaukee WI USA
2018.02 Hold My Beer, Sala Diaz, San Antonio TX USA
2018.01 Seongsu Print Exhibition, Mini Print, Seoul South Korea
2017.12 Potatorotica, 4 Wheels Studio, Milwaukee WI USA
2016.11 Flow, The Alley, Seoul South Korea
2016.09 May Fly XI, Space R, Seoul South Korea
2016.06 Paint Jam, Mi Cook Oppa, Seoul South Korea
2016.06 Curio, Yogiga, Seoul South Korea
2016.04 Flea Market Party, Matter, Seoul South Korea
2016.03 Look But Don’t Touch, Jeng-Iy, Daegu South Korea
2016.02 Malaise Descending, Samchungcharoo Gallery, Seoul South Korea
2016.01 Malaise, Yogiga, Seoul South Korea
2015.09 Reunion, Usable Space, Milwaukee WI USA
2015.09 Altered Perception, Art Direct Outlet, Seoul South Korea
2014.10 Red Momma Sipper, Oak Springs Gallery, Austin TX USA
2014.10 Ghost Show Pt. 6, Imagination Giants, Milwaukee WI USA
2012.10 Ghost Show Pt. 4, Imagination Giants, Milwaukee WI USA
2011.05 One Hit Wonders, Jackpot Gallery, Milwaukee WI USA
2011.01 Jon and James, Jackpot Gallery, Milwaukee WI USA
2010.10 Ghost Show Pt. 2, American Fantasy Classics, Milwaukee WI USA
2010.05 MIAD Thesis Exhibition, MIAD Gallery, Milwaukee WI USA
2010.11 Where We Live, nAbr Gallery, Milwaukee WI USA


2010-2012 The 62nd Dimension, Co-Curator


2016.01 Artist Profile: Ben Miller, Crazy Multiply, online