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Exhibition at 미쿡오빠 / Mi Cook Oppa

Ben Jon Miller,  Inside My Flesh Bag , 2016, mixed media on paper, 11.7 x 8.3 inches

Ben Jon Miller, Inside My Flesh Bag, 2016, mixed media on paper, 11.7 x 8.3 inches

Hello friends! I will be showing three new drawings at the Paint Jam event at 미쿡오빠 / Mi Cook Oppa, Saturday, July 23, 2-9pm. Mi Cook Oppa is located in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. Click here to see their Facebook page for directions.

To read an article in Korea Herald about the event, click here.

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Performing Live at Curio in Seoul

I am co-organizing this show in conjunction with Look But Don't Touch. I will also be performing new songs at 8:00pm. Details below.

an object of rarity, both unusual and arcane. 
신비롭고 독특한 물건

Look But Don't Touch brings you Curio, an evening of visual art, performance and film that aims to blur boundaries between the observer and the observed.

Look But Don't Touch가 관찰자와 관찰 받는 자 사이의 경계를 불분명하게 만드는 목적을 가진 시각 예술, 공연, 그리고 영화가 있는 저녁을 선보입니다. 
Visual Artists
시각 예술가

Henri Adamson
Lawrence Blackman
Martin Fetter


Cindi L'Abbe
Ben Miller

And hosted by Todd Bruns from Stand Up Seoul. 

상영 영화

'That's My Heart', is a dance film exploring internal and external space.
‘That's My Heart’는 내재적 그리고 외재적 공간을 탐험하는 춤 영화입니다. 

Choreographed and performed by
안무 / 공연 
Cindi L'Abbe

Filmed and edited by
촬영 / 편집
Wynsum Foreman

Music by
Alexander Smith and Katie McHugh.

트레일러:: https://youtu.be/R6F3K57TMVo


Art Market

Wares from various artists will be available for purchase.
다양한 참여 아티스트들이 판매하는 작품 구매 가능합니다.


Interactive Film
인터랙티브 영화

A film will be shot peripheral to the event, and willing participants are welcome to join in.
이벤트와 함께 영화가 촬영될 예정입니다. 모든 참가자 환영합니다.


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Performing Live at Flea Market Pary @ Matter

I will be performing live music at Matter in Banpo-dong, Seoul.

Come listen to change the shape and texture of your consciousness and feel a little weird - but weird in that good way, where you feel that you do not understand the absurdity of what is happening, but you find that there is no need to understand it and the removal of rationality leaves you feeling like a butterfly dancing in an ecstatic epileptic fit heart-tickling Woooooah

There will be a creative flea market at Matter at 4pm, my performance around 9, and then DJs and dance into the night. FREE admission.

You may hear a free sample of my music here.


From Express Bus Terminal, Exit 3 (about 11 mins / 720m):

  1. Walk straight out of Exit 3, and cross over the foot bridge on your right.
  2. After crossing the bridge and descending the stairs, turn right.  
  3. Continue straight, and then turn right at the next street, Gomurae-ro (if you've reached the large intersection, you've gone too far). 
  4. Walk straight, and turn right immediately after Baskin Robbins. 
  5. Matter will be on your right. 
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Malaise Descending


February 13, 2016, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Samchungcharoo Gallery, Seoul, Korea (map below)

I have some drawings up at this show from Feb. 1-27, 2016.
There's a bunch of great work by a handful of other artists, too.
Curated by Crazy Multiply.
Come say hello!

Ben Jon Miller, Heart Womb, 2015, mixed media on paper, 10 x 6.25 inches

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