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This is a practical, contemporary approach to tarot. Rather than someone else predicting your future, it focuses on how you perceive your life in the present moment.

In a reading, we use the images of the tarot as a tool stimulate your own self-reflection. It is a visual device that provides a platform through which you can observe yourself, your patterns, and the nature of your perceptions. This process enables you, the viewer, to find yourself in the tarot’s images and, through them, explore the narratives that live in your mind. The stories that live in our minds are the same stories that extend outward into our daily lives and relationships. It is not therapy per se, but it carries a similar intention to help you guide yourself through the process of self-observation, allowing you to draw your own conclusions about your life.

We all contain the answers to our own questions. To find those answers, it is only necessary to look. The images of tarot are a tool that can be used to stimulate this act of looking.

Where: Santa Fe, NM or online via Skype
Cost: $45 for a 45-minute reading, $80 for a 90+ minute reading
Contact Me: benjonmiller@gmail.com or 512-639-1887

Comments from Previous Tarot Querents

Tarot with Ben is like none other. He is not in the way, you are not in the way, the story unfolds in layers with colors you didn't know you could see. It might sound a little spacey but it is really a clear and legit path to cognition. Relaxation and abstraction leads you out of your attachments and into a playful, deep place of observing. Then, if you are amused or not amused, you can observe that too.

It felt like a little bit like what I imagine spiritual therapy would feel like.  I think for me, it felt like my questions and statements were signs and guides that aligned with a larger broader significance and if was refreshing to have my personal thoughts and ideas tied back into a larger more general, although no less authentic, pool of experience.