I am the spirit inside of Frank’s head. Not the head with a skull inside of it. I am the spirit inside the head of his penis. His head is my house.

The word spirit has a foggy definition. It is a term that gets thrown around a lot but which has a very shifty nature. When I say spirit, what I mean is a non-physical entity of awareness. Consciousness that is not bound to any one material form. Right now, you are a spirit associating itself with a body, the body you call your body. You are the consciousness that observes and directs your physical form. A spirit is not an inherently religious concept. It simply means that consciousness is not attached to matter. Consciousness can pretend it is inherently attached to matter, and it will then experience itself as such, but this does not mean that materiality is the defining nature of consciousness. I can pretend I am a banana and, if I believe it, will then experience myself as such, but this does not mean that I am a banana. Or, at least, I am a very different kind of banana. A cerebral, conceptual kind of banana. But I don’t want to be a banana. That’s bananas. I want to be the spirit living inside of Frank’s cock. That is why I am where I am. That’s why I am residing within the head of Frank’s cock.

Right now, I am experiencing myself as Frank’s head. This is not to say that I am Frank’s head. This is to say that I am focusing, restraining, my consciousness to the atomic and energetic fields of which Frank’s head is made. Right now, if you are a human, you are likely focusing your consciousness to the words on this page, to your body, to an itch in your knee, to something someone said yesterday, or any other number of things. You are not these things and these things do not constitute an objective reality. These are the phenomena with which you are constructing your present reality. You are constructing your present reality by choosing—knowingly or unknowingly—what to place your attention on. Everything that you are now including into your field of awareness is your present reality. Not the reality. Just your reality. For now. Everything that you are not presently paying attention to, this is what your reality is not. It could be. Potentially. But right now, it’s not.

Right now, you are you, whatever that is, and I am me, an entity focused on the material and energetic area referred to as the head of Frank’s penis.

I could further constrain the field of my awareness so that I would be focused on only a single atom in this organ. Or I could expand my field of awareness to include Frank’s entire body. I could even expand it enough to include his non-material aspects. His thoughts. His emotions. That’s what I did when I was first familiarizing myself with Frank. I focused on his body, his thoughts, his beliefs, his patterns, his feelings, and all the other aspects which he tended to associate with himself. All the facets of being that he identified as Frank.

After I had familiarized myself with the general layout of Frank, I began to examine him in more detail. Frank is a small part of the mechanism called the universe. He is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universe, a reiteration of the seemingly infinite world. I wanted to explore all the small parts that comprised the mechanism called Frank. I wanted to observe the microcosms that constituted the macrocosm of Frank. This is what has led me to be where I am now.

The penis is the first specific aspect of Frank that I wanted to explore because it seemed to have the greatest influence on his decisions. The heart, fingers, legs, the mouth, the eyes, the belly—these all have notable influence on his consciousness, too, but no part has so great an influence as his cock.

Since being here, I have observed all of the operations that are habitually conducted in the area. States of docility. States of rigidity. Moments of quiet. Moments of excitement. Moments of settling. Moments of eruption.

When his penis becomes excited, it is the primary focus of Frank’s attention. His consciousness withdraws from the majority of all other objects and funnels itself toward the penis. In the state of sexual arousal, it as if Frank’s brain slips down from his skull and amalgamates with the phallus. Humans have a tendency to feel that their identity resides within the skull, the house of the brain. My study of Frank’s phenomena has shown me that during the time of arousal, his identity, his sense of self, temporarily transfers itself to the penis. He experiences himself as if he is his penis, and little else.

Of course, the penis does not have the intellectual predilections of the brain. So, when Frank falls into his penis and away from his brain, operations of thought and reflection all but shut down. Thought is usually the loudest, most primary focus of human consciousness, but during sexual episodes, instinct, sensation, and emotion become the primary stimuli. It is as if the brain and conceptual reflection disappear and the conscious being—the person—is left with the feelings that remain.

When the head of penis is excited, it enlarges. It wants to feel more of the world. It wants to enter the world. It rises up to greet the sun and absorb its fire. It absorbs the fire of life so that it may emit its own fire into the world. Ejaculation.

When the head is inactive, it shrinks and bows to the earth. It inverts into itself, like a baby returning to the womb.

The baby stands up, it comes. It screams and jerks.

And then it rests.

When the energy of excitement has been adequately expressed, it crouches and crawls back toward the warmth of the womb. Sleepy sleepy. When the seed of the snake has been planted in the earth, Johnny Appleseed takes his nap. On the seventh day, God rested.

Why does the cycle continue?

Up and down. Eruption and gestation. Activity and passivity. Screaming and resting. Rigidity and flaccidity.

Frank continues to repeat the cycle because of desire. Desire animates Frank. Desire comes into his head so that the head may say, “I want to live.” Desire catalyzes activity. Activity catalyzes creativity. Creativity catalyzes inspiration. Inspiration catalyzes desire. And the beat goes on. Desire beats the drum.

Pum pa-da pum pa-da pum pum.