Ben Jon Miller
Stirring the Moon

Performed at Ghost Show Part III at Imagination Giants gallery, Milwaukee, WI, US, October 2012.

Bowels of stagnant blood are enlivened when they are stirred.

If the life within us is not activated, supported, and expressed in our lives, then our inner fire will shrink to a quiet, weakened ember. If we do activate, sustain, and express the life within ourselves, then that life force will gain momentum and grow. The fire will blaze and its heat will loosen the threads of our lives.

If we do not use the energy given to us, then that energy will devour us. If we do use the energy given to us, then that energy will multiply and lift us up out of the prison we had built for ourselves.

Change is a matter of choice and persistence. That which is dormant must be awakened and given the impetus to move.

In this performance, attention was brought to the energy of the sleeping giant in the belly. The giant within was doused in the blood of a beet and aroused by the humming of lips so that it might wake up, get up, and begin to exercise its strength.