Ben Jon Miller
Invocation of Big Poppa, Old Smokey, and J.C. (The Triangle's Shadow)

Performed at Ghost Show Part II at American Fantasy Classics, Milwaukee, WI, USA, October 2011.

I was riding a train through the USA's southwestern landscape, sitting backwards, watching the scenery pass. For an hour or more, it was nothing but flat sand and sparse, dying growths. The desert. And then, in the middle of that burning spaciousness, we passed a small town. I saw no people, no traffic, and no activity. Only buildings and grey, patchy roads. 

On the side of a warehouse, there were three separate graffiti markings: "666", "LSD", and a pentacle. It felt like an echo of Christianity's Holy Trinity - God the Father as 666. The bodiless Holy Spirit as LSD. And Jesus, the star and son of God in flesh, as a pentacle. A shadow of the Bible's Sacred Triangle.

This performance was done in order to contemplate the qualities I associated with this shadow of Holy Trinity.