La Lune (the moon) floating above Le Soleil (the sun).

Length of a Reading: 60-90 minutes
Where: online via Skype or in Austin, TX

Cost: free
Sign Up: message me at benjonmiller@gmail.com

This approach to tarot uses the cards’ imagery not to foretell a person’s future, but to discern a person’s present state and observe how that state forms their experience of reality. It is straightforward, practical, and not superstitious. The life around us is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, desires, and physical sensations. If we change our perception and attention, we change our experience of reality. The patterns of perception that we employ most frequently are the patterns that determine the qualities of our experience. Some of these patterns we apply knowingly, and others we apply without realizing it. 

In these tarot readings, I don’t tell you what the cards mean or say. You simply say what you see in the cards’ images. The cards act as a screen upon which you project your present state through spontaneous reflection. When you say what you see in these images, you are automatically expressing the way you perceive the world. The patterns of your perception rise to the surface and we can then look at them and see what effect they have on your life. Is your perception helping you or impeding you? What patterns would you like to change? How can they be changed? The more aware we are of how we are functioning, the more control we have over the lives we create.

No prior knowledge of tarot is necessary. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like a reading or have a question.

Comments from Previous Tarot Querents

Tarot with Ben is like none other. He is not in the way, you are not in the way, the story unfolds in layers with colors you didn't know you could see. It might sound a little spacey but it is really a clear and legit path to cognition. Relaxation and abstraction leads you out of your attachments and into a playful, deep place of observing. Then, if you are amused or not amused, you can observe that too.

It felt like a little bit like what I imagine spiritual therapy would feel like.  I think for me, it felt like my questions and statements were signs and guides that aligned with a larger broader significance and if was refreshing to have my personal thoughts and ideas tied back into a larger more general, although no less authentic, pool of experience.