Ben Jon Miller
Red Momma Sipper

Performed at Oak House Gallery in Austin, Texas, October 2014.

Inside of the body of stories we each call "Me", there is not only one person of one age. There are a number of people living inside of us, and we are often animated by their whims and wills. Inside of us, there is a murderer, a lover, a feeder, a helper, a demon, an angel. There is an elder, a teenager, a father, a mother, a child, an infant. And many more.

Really, we are none of these. We are no one. But we experience ourselves through these qualities. When there is discord between these facets of ourselves, then there is discord in our lives. When there is harmony between these inner aspects of being, then there is harmony in our lives.

In Red Momma Sipper, I sought to inhabit the body of an inner figure whom I call Red Momma. I also gave form to another figure, the Milk Babe, so that this infant within me could be held, nurtured, fed, and loved.